What Our Customers Say

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much my family loves your keilbasa & hot dogs. Your brand is the only brand I will buy. My 2 yr. old loves your hot dogs for lunch or dinner. I really enjoy your keilbasa's flavor and the fact that I have never bitten in to something unknown or hard like with other brands I've tried in the past. Keep up the good work!

Pittsburgh, PA

"I was raised in Ohio, but now live in Arizona. When I got married 5 years ago, we started traveling back to Pittsburgh for Christmas each year. I have had Honey baked hams before, and until my first Silver Star Tavern ham, really used that as the gold standard for ham. I was so impressed by your low salt feature and the flavor / lean quality of the hams. My mother-in-law drives an hour for the ham, and I now know why. In this age of trying to do better for customers, please DO NOT DO ONE THING DIFFERENTLY, with regards to your hams’ preparation / presentation. Thanks again."

Tucson, AZ

"I bought a Silver Star, special ordered through Sparkle Market in Columbiana, OH. My husband said it was the best ham he ever had in his life! I am on sodium restriction and heard the commercial for the Low-Salt Silver Star. It was terrific. We served the ham warm, with a sweet bourbon glaze for our neighborhood get together last night and we only had a little bit let!! In fact, hardly anyone touched the 9 different recipes of cookies and nut rolls I made, but kept eating pieces of the ham?!?!?"

Michelle D.
East Palestine, OH

"I just wanted to drop a note about how great our Silver star ham was this Christmas.

When my mother in-law purchased a Silver Star ham for the holiday, I was a little disappointed. Not ever having one before, I didn't know what to expect and, of course, I was all set for disappointment. When I carved the ham, I didn't have to trim any fat away. It was the leanest, most tender and best tasting ham we have ever had!

I have lived in Pittsburgh my entire life and never realized how good your products are. In the past few weeks we have had several other of your products and have found all of them to be terrific.

Keep up the good work!

A Silver Star customer"

Ken D.

"In this world full of complaining people, I want to tell you what a wonderful company you have. I have been buying natural casing hot dogs, hams, sausages, luncheon meats and bacon for years. Today while cooking bacon I thought this is the nicest looking bacon I have ever seen. I’m going to write to Silver Star and tell them. When I went to drain off the fat, which I normally use a large cup, there was hardly any there.

Keep up the good work and thank all your employees for such wonderful products.


Kathy M.
Bridgeville, PA

"The ham was absolutely fabulous!  ... Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! "

Marla H.
Bluffton, SC

"We purchased half of a boneless Tavern Ham, lower salt, at Shop and Save, East Rochester, cooked it according to your directions and ate it on Christmas Day.

Perfect. Absolutely delicious. Our guests praised the flavor and tenderness.  Thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. Howard J.
Rochester, PA

"WOW What a Ham!"

"First let me say that I always cook a turkey for Thanksgiving but my daughter came home from college and begged me to buy a ham. So I bought both – a turkey and a Silver Star Ham. Let me tell you it was the best ham I have ever purchased in my 51 years. I am an accomplished cook so I always buy the best. Well, I have never had so many people rave about your ham – not only the flavor but that it was so moist, tender and absolutely delicious. ...

... I can say that I will never buy another ham other than a Silver Star.

Thank you. I just wanted to let you know how great your product is. And you can be sure that I will always look for the Silver Star label when I buy anything. I have found a quality product and am now a loyal customer."

Dot Griffin
McKeesport, PA